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WCFT Bridges

Built for the Conditions, Built to Last

Utilising Wagners Composite Fibre Technology (WCFT), endorses Bridge It NZ as New Zealand’s leading bridge construction company.

WCFT offers high strength, light weight, and long service life as it is not prone to corrosion, rot, expansion or contraction. It is impervious to acid sulphate soils and alkaline or salt. The structures are suited to withstand the harshest environments.

WCFT bridge constructions are perfect for coastal, marine, and environmentally sensitive areas. They will not leach into waterways, while providing a low maintenance, long life asset to local communities. They require minimal maintenance, and the colour-fast fluropolymer coating promises long term colour durability. No repainting will be required for an estimated 40 years. The colour choice is yours, allowing the bridge to align with the aesthetics of your project’s environment. The design life is 100 years, making WCFT structures a cost-effective solution for the total life of your asset.


  • Pedestrian
  • Cycleways
  • Parks
  • Golf courses
  • Clip-on pedestrian/cycleways to existing bridges


WCFT Bridges require minimal maintenance (zero in many cases) equates to a cost effective life long asset


Let us manage the details:

Site investigation
and assessment

Full design, drawings,
fabrication and installation

Resource and
building consents


Funding application

Traffic management