Considerations Page

Considerations Page

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We’ve made a handy guide to take you through all the things you need to know when considering building a bridge.

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Bridge It NZ is a market leader in innovative bridge design offering you bridging solutions that will effectively fit your specific requirements.

At Bridge It NZ we specialise in building durable and reliable bridging structures for private properties, councils, cycleways, pedestrians, roads, golf courses, subdivisions, parks and reserves, farming and the forestry sector, throughout the North Island. We provide extensive knowledge about the details of building a bridge which we feel is critical to the success of your project, that is why at Bridge It NZ we build award winning bridges and have the positive feedback from our clients to prove it.

We are unique because we are a ‘solution provider’. We base our knowledge on research and development, through the relationships we have built with professional engineers, our extensive civil engineering experience and strategically placed partners, Bridge It NZ have developed and customised a single span and lighter bridge structure that is not over-engineered but fit for purpose and cost effective. 

The Bridge It NZ Difference: We only build bridges so not only do we provide you with our extensive expertise from our highly trained team, but we also take care of your total project. With comprehensive planning advice we guide you through the critical stages of development this includes site assessment, design, fabrication, installation, consents and certification.  Our prefab design and efficient build process means we spend less time on site with minimal disruptions to your business and the environment, saving you time and money.

"Our collaborative approach and transparent, no surprises pricing, provides our clients with the best bridge solution

Pat Seuren, Managing Director, Bridge It NZ Limited


  • Less Down Time, Minimal Disruption
  • Council
  • Innovative Customised Solutions
  • Design Engineered
  • Award Winning