McLaren Falls pedestrian bridge
The whole bridge was built in-house and the towers were erected in about a day
Installation of the bridge begins

Concrete Pedestrian Suspension Bridge at McLaren Falls

Bridge It NZ worked with designers Tiaki Engineering to develop an innovative solution to provide a visually appealing footbridge, spanning 33m, at an affordable price at McLarens Falls.

We had to use one of the biggest cranes in the area because we could only access it from one side, making the whole project quite a difficult build.

The site only allowed access for a single crane, and continued access for residents had to be ensured.

The whole bridge was built in-house and the towers were erected in about a day and the concrete left to set for a week, after which the base was transported to the site and attached.

The McLaren Falls Environmental Enhancement Group has fought for the bridge since the need was identified in 2011.

"We needed it because it's such a popular place," says Kaimai Ward councillor Margaret Murray-Benge, who cut the ribbon alongside Kaimai resident Marget Manson, Chair of the McLaren Falls Environmental Enhancement Group. 13 August 2014

"Hundreds go there in the summer time, and they're all on the bridge. It's a single lane and they can't hear the cars coming. We couldn't afford to widen the current bridge and the structure wasn't strong enough, but we could build a new one."

This build was a huge asset for the population of tourists and locals that head up that way every summer to utilise the amazing falls as a swimming area or hiking spot. 

The new concrete pedestrian suspension bridge at McLaren Falls won Bridge It the 2015 Hirepool Construction Excellence Award for the second year running.

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