Composite Fibre Bridge -  lightweight and strong
Composite Fibre Bridge deck
CFT bridge side view
CFT bridge view from above
CFT bridge full span view
CFT bridges have a design life of 100 years
CFT bridges - no repainting required for an estimated 40 years

Built for the Conditions, Built to Last

FRP offers high strength, light weight, and long service life as it is not prone to corrosion, rot, expansion or contraction. It is impervious to acid sulphate soils and alkaline or salt. The structures are suited to withstand the harshest environments.

FRP bridge constructions are perfect for coastal, marine, and environmentally sensitive areas. They will not leach into waterways, while providing a low maintenance, long life asset to local communities. They require minimal maintenance, which is first needed at 50 years offering long term durability. The colour choice is yours, allowing the bridge to align with the aesthetics of your project’s environment. The design life is 100 years, making FRP structures a cost-effective solution for the total life of your asset.

Watch the video below to learn how Bridge It NZ progressively constructed a robust, lightweight and strong FRP structure using minimal plant and a small excavator keeping costs down. 


Hear what Gavin Cormack has to say about our project with the Royal Auckland Golf Club:


Pedestrian Loading

Light Vehicles




Golf courses

Clip-on Pedestrian's and Cycleways to existing bridges


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