Working With Us

Bridge It NZ is a passionate and highly skilled team of specialists who design, fabricate, engineer and construct small to medium bridges all over New Zealand. We have the focus, the experience, and the expertise - we get inspiration from every project we are tasked with carrying out.  We’re proud of the bridges, some of them award-winning, that we have been building for our valued clients in New Zealand for over a decade.  Our clients come from a diversity of fields in commercial/residential/rural developments, local body and government projects. Your goals are our goals, so function, aesthetics, time-frames and budgetary imperatives are top of mind in all that we do for you.  

Building a bridge requires an outstanding level of engineering so in order to competently deliver a solution that meets your needs we have a collaborative partnership with Bay of Plenty company Tiaki Engineering Consultants. Our vision to set high standards of excellence encompasses a quality customer experience, transparent communication and robust products that deliver. We want you to feel that we really listen, consistently communicate with you, and clearly interpret the requirements of your job down to the finest detail. Our mission at Bridge It NZ is to handle the process efficiently and guide you smoothly every step of the way, managing the project to a successful conclusion.

Bridge It NZ’s clients value our responsiveness, innovation and reliability. Whether you’re a council looking for a full design and build service for a pedestrian bridge; a developer with short time frames; a golf club looking for a customised bridge; a farmer needing a compliant stock bridge or you’re needing a temporary bridge for the tenure of your forestry harvest, we will work with you to successfully navigate the complexities of your bridging challenge.


Let us manage the details:

Site investigation
and assessment

Full design, drawings,
fabrication and installation

Resource and
building consents


Funding application

Traffic management


Solution Services

Client Focused Bridge Solutions

From the moment our relationship begins, Bridge It NZ will strive to  provide you with the best advice and to ensure there’s a clear understanding of the process and time-frames. Our focus is on your desired outcome so we will communicate with you at every stage to make sure you get the bridge you need.  Bridge It NZ only builds bridges – it’s what we do 365 days of the year.  Defining the best bridging solution for your requirements, our team of specialists have a wealth of experience and a determination to build the best bridges in New Zealand. 

After the initial on-site consultation, Bridge It NZ will put together and submit a recommendation with our best solution. We manage all  aspects of your bridge project providing you with a total sum price, ensuring that there are no surprises or hidden costs. Reach out now to discuss a quotation for your bridge project.

Once you have approved the job, the team at Bridge It NZ will establish all the critical factors required to determine time frames, minimizing disruption to your business and how the work will impact the general public.


Bridge It NZ Products

Bridge It NZ construct bridges with timber over steel beams, concrete over steel beams, all-concrete construction and composite fibre. Whether your foundations have been washed out in a recent flood, your existing bridge needs replacing or repairing to be compliant or you need a temporary solution - Bridge It NZ has the product for the job. Our bridges can be customised to meet you loading requirements. Whether it’s a lightweight pedestrian bridge, full highway load or custom loading for heavy vehicles. We can design a bridge with the aesthetics to match your project so that it blends with the environment and complements the style of the surroundings - subdivisions following a defined theme, rural properties with a unique heritage, and communities with various cultural obligations.


Bridge It NZ Design – Planning – Problem-Solving

After detailed site assessment, Bridge It NZ in conjunction with Tiaki Engineering will develop and provide bridge design drawings for your review. Upon approval of detailed design, consent applications are submitted on your behalf to council for approval. 

Fabrication, and installation works are scheduled and implemented, ensuring your bridge project runs smoothly. Upon bridge installation, a council Code of Compliance certification is issued.

Throughout the entire build process, Bridge It NZ ensures all elements of the project are managed.  Road closure, traffic control, utility relocation, retaining, road restoration, fencing and any other factors that may arise can be handled by an experienced team.

Bridge It NZ have a good understanding of New Zealand’s local bylaws and can negotiate on your behalf with local authorities, regional councils, KiwiRail, NZ Transport Agency, local iwi, Department of Conservation and Fish and Game reducing stress and saving you time and money