Rapid Response Bridge

Flood damaged bridge? Get reconnected fast.

Washed out bridges can play havoc with people’s lives and create costly problems far beyond the expense of a replacement bridge.

Our Rapid Response Bridges, designed in partnership with DC Structures Studio are specifically created to restore long-term access after a severe weather event. They are lightweight and cost-effective but offer a permanent solution for homeowners, farmers, and councils who are struggling to get back on their feet and clean-up flood-damaged property.

They are designed to meet NZTA Bridge Manual standards and are incredibly quick to construct and install, allowing you to restore access in a matter of weeks.

Rapid Response Bridges are made from durable galvanised steel and sustainable timber, offering an environmentally-friendly solution that is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. Balustrades are 1.2m tall and feature three rails but can be in-filled with an anti-climb mesh if required. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Available in spans of 13.4m, 12m, 10.8m, 9m and 7m (smaller spans also possible)

Provides 3.3m usable width suitable for all normal vehicle classes

Designed for maximum 10 tonne axle (0.85HN standard) and 10km/hr speed environment (can be increased to 30km/hr upon request)

Durable galvanised steel and FSC accredited timber provides low carbon footprint

Suitable like-for-like replacement for lost steel or concrete bridges

Can be installed on existing substructures

Designed to last 100 years^

Fast turn-around and easy to install

Self-install option available*


Residential access

Farm access

Private access

*Where the customer chooses self-installation Bridge It NZ shall only be responsible for the supply of a kitset bridge capable of conforming with its stated specifications if properly installed.  The customer accepts that it is installing the bridge entirely at its own risk and indemnifies Bridge It NZ against any claim against Bridge It NZ arising as a result of defective or inappropriate installation or assembly.  Bridge It NZ shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of the design or suitability of the abutments, footings, location nor for ascertaining the need for or satisfaction of any council consents or compliance certificates, nor for any maintenance.
^Material lifespans may vary from site to site.


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