Another Bridge It NZ bridge provides better access for Coromandel Farmer

The old bridge on this Coromandel farm was unable to support heavy loads so only limited access to the other side was possible. A solution that allowed full access for machinery was required to maximise use of the land.

The new bridge design presented us with a key challenge - the old bridge was submerged during flood events, so to help overcome this the new bridge has been increased in height and although still submersible, it would have been above the level of the recent flood.

The new bridge is designed to be strong enough to take fully loaded truck and trailers, heavy tractors and of course stock. It is 24m long, has a 0.85HN load capacity and is fabricated from steel beams with a precast concrete deck.

Our steel beam, concrete deck bridge is ideal for this remote location and was fabricated from 3 sections of steel beams that were bolted together on-site, allowing ease of transportation and unloading. Concrete deck panels were lifted into place by crane while on site but can also be installed using our excavator.

Prior to starting installation, there was a flood of the area which meant waiting for the water to subside before we could begin (photo in slide show above).

Safety of our team during installation was paramount so we utilised a new scaffolding system (supplied by Intaks), to provide fall protection while crossing the bridge beams. The new McLeod 90T Leibherr crane handled the install.


Let us manage the details:

Site investigation
and assessment

Full design, drawings,
fabrication and installation

Resource and
building consents


Funding application

Traffic management