Replacement bridge for Waikato farm
Steel beam concrete deck bridge
Farm bridge suitable for heavy vehicles

Steel Beam Concrete Deck Bridge for a Waikato based Farm

Our steel beam concrete deck bridge is a popular bridge among farmers as it is ideal for sites that cannot be reached easily like rural properties, subdivisions and the forestry sector. The steel beams also able us to provide bridging solutions for longer spans.

This particular bridge was built in the Waikato on Taha Awa Farm Ltd as a replacement bridge. It is complete with concrete kerbs, galvanised balustrades, and pipe handrails, driven steel piles and precast concrete abutments.

The steel structure was thermal-sprayed for improved longevity. Depending on the weight your bridge needs to hold we can factor that in during your consultation with us. This particular bridge is a 23m x 4.3m designed to 0.85HN loading, suitable for heavy vehicles with a maximum axle loading up to 7.5 tonne single axle and 15 tonne dual axle. With heavy milk tankers and fertilising trucks crossing the bridge, heavy loading was the priority and our steel beam concrete deck bridge fit the bill. 

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