With a proud record of building award
winning structures for a vast range of
clients and communities, Bridge It NZ is a
market leader in innovative bridge design.

Building Bridges is in our DNA

At Bridge It, we only build bridges, specialising in small to medium bridge projects around New Zealand for cycleways, pedestrians, roads, golf courses, subdivisions, parks & reserves, farms and forestry.   With civil engineering experience and strategically placed partners, Bridge It have developed a customised single span and lighter bridge structure that is not over-engineered but fit for purpose and cost effective.

The Bridge It complete bridging solution includes site assessment, design, fabrication, installation, consents and certification.  Our prefab design and efficient build process means we spend less time on site with minimal disruptions to your business and the environment, saving you time and money.

"Our ‘only perfect will do’ promise makes Bridge It the best bridge builder and it’s the reason our bridges have won awards.”

Pat Seuren, Managing Director, Bridge It NZ Limited


WCFT Bridges

...for coastal, marine, and environmentally sensitive areas. They will not leach into waterways, while providing a low maintenance, long life asset to local communities. They require minimal maintenance, and the colour-fast fluropolymer coating promises long term colour durability.

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  • Less Down Time, Minimal Disruption
  • Council
  • Innovative Customised Solutions
  • Design Engineered
  • Award Winning


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