Heavy weight  bridge built on Great Barrier Island
Heavy weight bridge on completion - Lyons
Steel beam timber deck timber non climbable bridge
Heavy Weight TDSB Bridge - Lyons

Perfect for Heavy Machinery

Bridge It NZ’s heavyweight timber deck on steel design is a suitable option if you need bridge access for heavy farm vehicles or for your work in the forestry sector. 

The timber deck provides nice aesthetics for a natural environment, allows decks of irregular width, and is a good fit when using tracked vehicles/machinery and ideal for a challenging site access.


  • Galvanised steel balustrades and pipe handrails.
  • Non-climbable steel or timber handrails if required.
  • Timber kerbing.
  • Designed to Transit New Zealand Bridge Manual Standards.
  • Can be designed for 0.85 HN (maximum axle loading: up to 7.5 tonne single axle and 15 tonne dual axle).
  • Can be designed for full highway loading HN HO 72 and overweight vehicles and machinery.

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0.85  HN

HN HO 72

Overweight vehicles 

Residential Access

Farm Access

Earth Work Contractor’s eg: Forestry

Private Roads


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