Lightweight timber deck steel beam pedestrian bridge

The Lightweight Timber Deck on Steel Beam bridge design is your most economical option

If you need bridge access for light vehicles but there is no need for heavy traffic to pass, then this bridge design is your most cost-effective solution. 

This bridge is a great solution for cycleways and pedestrian requirements. An increasing number of developers/councils are recognising the suitability and affordability of these bridges when searching for solutions that improve access.


  • Non-climbable handrails and other safety features can be added.
  • Maximum axle loading up to 2 tonne per axle.
  • Pedestrian loading
  • Width can be increased for cycleway and pedestrian bridges


Check out this timelapse of Auckland Transport's Timber Deck Steel Beam Pedestrian bridge at Flatbush Road, Auckland.

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Pedestrian Loading.

2 Tonne per axle. 

Light Traffic

Pedestrians or Cycleways

Parks and Reserves

Light Farm Vechicles: Quad Bikes or Motobikes


Private Property Owner
Private Property Owner
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