Katikati all weather access bridge
Carrying the steel beams for the bridge down to the site
Putting the bridge beams in place
Installation of the bridge in progress
The bridge in place
Completed steel beam concrete deck bridge
Completed SBCD bridge from the other side

All Weather Access to Katikati Home

Heavy rains often meant the Crispin’s could not access their home. The culvert located on their driveway was prone to flooding, required regular maintenance to the approaches and clearing of debris.

Our steel beam concrete deck bridge was the obvious choice for this project. The obstacles the team had to overcome included, site access, engineering constraints and preserving the natural environment. Our main priority was to provide to ensure we offered the best solution for the Crispin family and ensure they no longer worried about how or if they were going to get home.

“Celebrate success! Then understand why it happened. On this project it started with understanding what was important to the client and then making sure we didn't lose sight of that. For Julie (pictured with BINZ Director Pat Seuren), all weather access to her dream home was the reason, but the environment (both preserving the existing, and making sure our bridge fitted in) was her concern. The whole team from start to finish made it happen. The stream has been transformed by removing the old ford, native trees surround the bridge and even a simple thing like leaving our painted logo off the beams worked to achieve the goal. Great result for Julie and Pete, but also for Bridge It NZ”- Kim Bevins, Project Manager at Bridge It NZ.


From Go to whoa, every encounter with any member of the Bridge It team was professional, efficient and warm. They are a highly experience and polished team of people who are dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible product and project experience. Kudos to you all.”   Julie Crispin

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