New McLaren Falls Pedestrian Bridge

1 August 2014
New McLaren Falls Pedestrian Bridge

Bridge It NZ Ltd was the successful contractor for building the new Pedestrian suspension footbridge alongside the current single lane bridge across the falls.

The McLaren Falls Environmental Enhancement Group has fought for the bridge since the need was identified in 2011.

"We needed it because it's such a popular place," says Kaimai Ward councillor Margaret Murray-Benge, who cut the ribbon alongside Kaimai resident Maret Manson, Chair of the McLaren Falls Environmental Enhancement Group. 13 August 2014

"Hundreds go there in the summer time, and they're all on the bridge. It's a single lane and they can't hear the cars coming.

"We couldn't afford to widen the current bridge and the structure wasn't strong enough, but we could build a new one."

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