Managing Total Project

From start to finish Bridge It NZ will meticulously plan and execute your total bridging project down to the last detail so that there are no hassles, no surprises and you achieve a complete turnkey solution to the bridge project you have specified.

Bridge Insurance Assessment

The Bridge It NZ team can carry out risk assessment of existing bridging structures and cost valuations so that indemnity values can be established. Assessments of repair and replacement costs for insurance policies can also be arranged.

Bridge Inspection

Councils, fertiliser companies, dairy companies and contractors are tightening up their Health and Safety procedures and now require current bridge certi­fication before their trucks access sites.  This is especially important when existing bridge structures are aging, are not regularly inspected or maintained or are used beyond their load bearing capacity.  

Qualified engineers can inspect your bridge, make the necessary measurements and calculations regarding load carrying capacity and provide a full report and signage for your bridge's load carrying capacity.

Bridge Repairs & Maintenance

Your existing bridge structure may only need repairing or refurbishing, and a range of repairs can be carried out on all types of bridges.

Sound but rusty steel work can be sandblasted and protected for the future, and existing beams and abutments can be strengthened. Coupled with re-decking, this can improve the load capacity of an existing bridge, without building a brand new one.

Bridge It NZ’s experienced engineers can assess existing structures and discuss options for your refurbishment:

  • Strip and replace existing bridge planks
  • Repair or reinforce existing bridge foundations
  • Sandblast and/or repair existing bridge steelworks
  • Advise you on the best options available.

Why choose Bridge It?

Bridge Repairs and Maintenance. Bridge Inspections

Let us manage the details:

Site investigation
and assessment

Full design, drawings,
fabrication and installation

Resource and
building consents


Funding application

Traffic management