Our Rapid Response Bridge reconnects communities fast

9 May 2023
Our Rapid Response Bridge reconnects communities fast

When times are tough communities pull together, neighbours help each other out and everyone pitches in to do their bit. At Bridge It NZ, our ‘bit’ is helping restore access when bridges are washed away by flood waters and debris. 

The scale of devastation on the East Coast following Cyclone Gabrielle has prompted us to design and launch a new product that will solve the biggest headaches facing affected homeowners, farmers, forestry companies and councils.

Our Rapid Response Bridge is a game-changer as it offers a permanent, cost-effective solution that can be installed in as little as three weeks. And when your property, farm or forest is cut off from the outside world, every day adds to the mounting financial and emotional pressure. We are thrilled to be able to help alleviate this by reconnecting communities in a fast, sound and sustainable way.

These lightweight bridges are made from galvanised steel and timber. They are fabricated off-site and designed to be transportable in a single piece allowing for quick installation by our experienced team, or we can deliver you a kitset for self-installation*. They’re ideal like-for-like replacements for lost steel and concrete bridges. 

We have partnered with engineering consultant DC Structures Studio to design a bridge that is suitable for as many scenarios as possible. Multiple spans are available (from 7m – 13.4m) and smaller sizes are also possible. The 3.3m usable width will accommodate all normal vehicle classes, and these bridges can hold a maximum 10 tonne axle (0.85HN standard) driving at 10km/hr (this speed environment can be increased to 30km/hr upon request).

The 1.2m high balustrades are designed to reduce fabrication costs and optimise sustainability but if children are likely to be present, an anti-climb mesh infill can be installed as an extra safety precaution. 

When coming up with this idea, we didn’t want to provide a temporary or short-term fix. So Rapid Response Bridges are designed to last 100 years^, providing great value for money. 

We’ve worked hard to innovate and deliver at a time when Kiwis need our expertise the most. If a Rapid Response Bridge would solve your access woes, get in touch with us now to see how we can help

*Where the customer chooses self-installation Bridge It NZ shall only be responsible for the supply of a kitset bridge capable of conforming with its stated specifications if properly installed.  The customer accepts that it is installing the bridge entirely at its own risk and indemnifies Bridge It NZ against any claim against Bridge It NZ arising as a result of defective or inappropriate installation or assembly.  Bridge It NZ shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of the design or suitability of the abutments, footings, location nor for ascertaining the need for or satisfaction of any council consents or compliance certificates, nor for any maintenance.
^Material lifespans may vary from site to site.